Styling Hair Since 2016

I opened Platinum Hands Barbers in order to provide quality hair care to my faithful customers. Conveniently located in Swindon- Corporation Street, I offer hair care services to a wide range of happy clients at competitive market rates. At Platinum Hands Barbers, excellence is the name of the game when it comes to styling your hair. Book an appointment to get your hair looking stunning and healthy today! Remember… it’s not just a haircut, it’s an experience.



Styling since 2018

Being able to work with regular/new customers everyday gives me as a person a greater opportunity into getting to know what works with them and what I can work around. I have experience with all types of hair styles, whether you need to change up completely or just a simple fade on the side, I will give you that. I am also specialised into eye brow threading, so don't think only your Mrs can be looking clean- take this opportunity today.. Book in with me, and get that fresh look.



Styling Hair Since 2018

Every successful customer that comes into the shop begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so. Knowing that sometimes you can be tight on schedule, I certainly offer alterations into our usual shop timing, just so that you can leave with a smile on your face as well as that platinum touch. Book in with me, and you'll never need to go to another barber.



Styling Hair Since 2016

My duty is to make every customer that sits on my chair, content with the outcome of their vision. Everything I do, I do it with energy therefor there is no excuses when you need something to be done by me, do not hold back. Being a barber for nearly over 3 years I learned that to make a fine gentleman, several trades are required, but chiefly a barber. Book with me today and you will feel your best, look your best and be stepping up the game.